Debutant Lau Now In Confidence With Her New Class Boat

Genevieve Lau began sailing as for an islander it is a natural thing to do. Lau said, “From my childhood, I would see people in the harbor sailing around with all fun. And sailing is also a big part of living for people in the island”. When Lau was at the age of 9, she enrolled herself in summer sailing camps. Here she received the knowledge about the fundamentals of this sport.

She said “I believe Tom Herbert Evans is the big inspirations for me. He is my coach, but I love sailing with him, he was so fun all the time and everything we did was a great fun”. After sharpening her skills for three years in the Optimist dinghy class, she progressed to the O’pen Bic dinghy and this one she absolutely adores.

Talking about this new class she said, “It’s not like a superyacht – this is my favorite class because these boats are much lot faster and therefore there is more fun in sailing in this boat.”

“This is the new class in the sailing world and requires more skill in handling it. It is a lot of fun to handle this classic boat. She further added that “Handling the boat on the O’pen Bic keeps you on your toes really. While you are on the boat, you have to keep your on focus on how it is moving and agile. Thus, it is a fun boat to handle as it offers you many things to with it.”

Lau was competing in at the O’pen Bic World Championship in the under-17 age group this summer in Spain. She underlines her prowess by placing herself fourth among the girls and at the eighteenth position in the complete fleet of 137, she was with Thomas Evans who was placed 115th.

Coming to the right Sailing Experience

For those having a proper sailing experience, even when you are not completing, you will have to make the right choice for the yachting. The process is not easy and there are a number of things that you might have to consider. Here are some of the matters that you must take a look in now. It is important to note that you will need to understand the reasons for the same and that too for the perfect

While it may seem demanding to find, rent and operate a yacht, renting a yacht is easier than you might think. Here is a guide to go out on the water.

3 tips for chartering a yacht

  1. Find a suitable yacht

To find a yacht to charter, you may have to expand your search in a fairly large area.Even if there is no charter available at the beach you visit, it may be enough to do a few more kilometers on the coast to find the yacht of your dreams.The size of the yacht you will need depends on the size of your group. Ask the captain how many people can sit comfortably aboard the yacht. If his yachtcannot accommodate your group, he might recommend a friend with a bigger yacht.

  1. Rental and prices

The prices and conditions for renting yachts vary depending on the location of the yacht and the duration and type of your trip.

Some of the Examples:

In the Philippines, for example, prices can be as modest as $ 450 a day, while the costs of a rental on the Mediterranean or the Caribbean sometimes reach $ 3,000 a day, depending on the size of the yacht.

Most yachts are available for day charter if you just want to enjoy an afternoon and a sunset on the water.You can arrange a trip of several days and sleep on the yacht if you are a more adventurous traveler.

  1. Sailing on the high seas

Even if you have never been on a yacht before, you can still enjoy a day on the ocean.Some captains hire sailors to help with more complex navigation tasks. You may have to tie a rope occasionally, but otherwise you can sit and enjoy the ride.Not difficult to make an extraordinary beach holiday by chartering a yacht. Whether you only have time to sail one afternoon or want to spend a few days on the water, renting a yacht is easy.

You need to be careful while making the choice of these yachts and that is the reason that you will be having the perfect options for the whole set of steps available now. You can make your visit to as there you will be having the most updates news about the same and make your decision about the same.